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At the same time, concurrently with the refusal of domain name registration, the Registrar shall have the right to dispatch a notification to the Coordinator to take a decision on entering the said denomination into the stop list. Refusal to register a domain name registration on the grounds not provided for by the present Terms and Conditions is impermissible.Upon the Registrant’s request, the Registrar’s shall give in writing the decision on refusal to register the domain name.

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Due to the differing lengths of days (due to daylight saving changeover), months and years, expressing elapsed time in units greater than hours, minutes and seconds requires addressing a number of issues and should be thoroughly researched before being attempted.// using built-in methods var start = new Date(); // the event to time goes here: do Something For ALong Time(); var end = new Date(); var elapsed = Time() - Time(); // elapsed time in milliseconds The compatibility table in this page is generated from structured data.At the same time, the Registrar shall have the right to set differentiated payment depending on the period left before the prospective date of cancellation of the registration. The Registrar shall inform explicitly and fully the Registrants about prices and other conditions of acceptance and execution of applications for registration of vacant domain names.Requirements and procedures established by the Registrar may not contravene the present Terms and Conditions. The Coordinator shall maintain the stop list that contains denominations, which are not accepted for registration of domain names because they include names which contradict public interests, the principles of humanity or morality (in particular, words of obscene content, slogans of antihuman character, which insult human dignity or religious sentiments, etc). Introduction of denominations in the stop list and their exclusion therefrom is exercised upon the Coordinator’s decision.As well, the Registrant shall bear the risk of losses associated with such infringements.

In the event the third parties bring a law suit against the Registrar (Coordinator) in connection with registration or usage of the domain name by the Administrator, the Administrator is bound, on their request, to reimburse the Registrar (Coordinator’s) losses (including legal assistance and legal representation costs) incurred by the Registrar or Coordinator in conjunction with this lawsuit. In order to prevent any prospective infringements, the Registrant is recommended, to ensure, prior to submission of his/her application, that there are no trade marks, brand names, and another objects of intellectual property, names of nonprofit organizations and government bodies similar to the domain name submitted for registration 3.1.5. Registration of the domain name registered exercised on the basis of the Registrant’ application on condition that he/she honors requirements of the present Terms and Conditions.

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Specifically, the Registrar may not restrict the circle of Registrants who may use the register vacant domain names registration service, or establish preferences for individual users or groups of users in obtaining information about the service. Where there are several applications for one and the same domain name, the Registrar shall satisfy that application, which was the first to meet the provisions set forth by the Terms and Conditions and the Contract. Clauses specified by the present Chapter shall be also applicable to denominations subject to exclusion from the stop list by the Coordinator’s decision. The decision about exclusion of denomination from the stop list is posted on the Coordinator’s website no later than 30 days prior to its removal from the stop list date.

Denomination becomes available for registration as a domain name following the procedure established for domain names whose registration is cancelled due to the expiration of the preferential extension period. Public access to the information about the presence of a denomination in the stop list shall be exercised by means of the WHOIS service.

Registration and information support of the aforementioned domain names are exercised following the procedure determined by the Coordinator. In the event of lack of action on the part of the Registrar in cases, which require urgent intervention, the Coordinator shall have the right to exercise certain or all functions, which are compulsory for the Registrar, with respect to the registered domain name. The denomination should meet the following technical requirements: it shall: 3.1.3.