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Senger said: 'First, the man can do anything with the doll.

Second, every intention is turned off, which can be a factor with a prostitute.'Yet Senger, who is a co-chair at the Austrian Society for Sexual Research (Oe GS), said that she was shocked by Fanny being more popular than real prostitutes and called it 'a real autistic tendency'.

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I opened it and read: "Dear Niceguy4u4ever, your profile has been approved. From Joe's online "name," it was clear what he was looking for. When we got home, Joe didn't say much, and I didn't either. In his file of sent messages, one email address looked unusual, so I opened it. Using a different email address and a masculine name, I quickly typed a letter to Heather saying a buddy had recommended her. I don't know what I was expecting, but the photo of Heather, a Las Vegas "escort" with an impossibly proportioned body, was a shock. One night, I took my son, along with some clothes and pillows, to crash in my brother's living room.

You can start making new and exciting friends." I stared at the screen, refusing to understand what I saw. Joe had written: "Dear Heather, I'd love to talk to you about what you can do for me and the rates you charge. Later that day, her response arrived: "Sure thing, honey. I clicked on her rates: For 0 an hour, Heather could be bought. Soon after Joe's admission, I went to visit my parents.

Austrian media are reporting that a growing number of other brothels are making the switch to include sex dolls.

Peter Laskaris, who operates two brothels in Vienna, said that although life-like dolls from Japan 'cost up to 7,000 euros (£6,382)' it is 'obviously a trendy sex fetish' which other brothels must also follow.

But now my parents were suggesting that something serious was going on. They could say whatever they wanted, but obviously Joe was a committed family man. I had a nice time, but on the drive home, I couldn't stop thinking about what my mother had said after Joe phoned her. "He's lying to you." Turning to my husband, I confessed that I wanted to check out his work computer, so I could reassure my parents they'd made a mistake. I went to his web browser and immediately found a bookmark for a topless site, but he just laughed, saying a colleague had put it there as a joke. With Joe waiting, I scanned the documents he'd saved to his desktop. "I'll stay with you," I finally said, breaking the silence.

After a few days of debating whether to bring the issue up, I told Joe what my father had found. I was beginning to wonder what exactly I was looking for when I spied an email from Friend (an early social network and dating site). "But I need to know everything." Joe said there was nothing more to tell. "It's a fantasy — I'm not really cheating on you." After Joe left for the office the next morning, I got up the nerve to log on to his AOL account (I had made him give me his password). When he came back, he was contrite but firm: "There's nothing I can do about the past." Which was true, and I wanted to believe Joe's promise to reform. Something that normally would be no big deal now made me so agitated, I couldn't sleep."When Dad went to retrieve the bookmark from the trash, all these porn site addresses came up onscreen." "Really," I said, trying to sound nonchalant."I'm sure there's a reason." When I hung up the phone, I was stunned. What man in his right mind would download porn at his in-laws' house?Sex industry experts estimate that people with a fetish for sex dolls is are an increasingly growing group, and that they expect more dolls to be made available by brothels.Psychologist Gerti Senger explained why some men are more interested in sleeping with Fanny instead of a real woman.Kontakthof, which rents out sex doll Fanny for 80 euros (£72.90) per hour, now has a second sex doll due to the huge demand as Fanny is often completely booked for several days in a row.