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And thus, for the moment, as we are in dreadful fear of earning spite and ridicule from the brave, bold and brazen anonymous, we’ve chosen to seek out those evasive leadership qualities for the Senate instead.

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6f11f4Many modern women now say that the Beatles were “oh so ugly”.

But according to girls from 1960s, Paul Mc Cartney was very handsome according to the standards of the day, and he was often referred to as “The Cute Beatle” or as “cutie Paulie”.

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After all, the demarcation that divides the three is not that they are any different.

It may simply be that they belong to the opposition. Consider only those who attend its sessions, or those who are even moderately productive and the seemingly insubstantial fraction becomes even more significant, thus explaining why the Senate may be nothing more than a theatrical farce.

Yes, you may claim that he was called that only because he was very famous and not because of his looks.

But nobody was saying "cutie Johnny" or "cutie Georgie" (although girls liked them too, but not for their looks, rather for their fame and their talents).

Already at least one generation of women have been brainwashed into believing this clear ridiculousness. Paul Mc Cartney called "The Cute Beatle" and "Cutie Paulie" in 1960s ...

Al Pacino Film star, considered to be very handsome by women in 1960s and 1970s https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/or ...

We all know all too well that men that look something like the following are considered good-looking according to the modern standards. On the hand, men whose facial features express intelligence and warmth are deemed to be unattractive to modern women.