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July 3’s broadcast of MBC’s Star Gazing featured SHINee’s Key, Lim Ho and Song Eun Yi as the panel and Fly to the Sky, trot singer Park Hyun Bin and Jung Joon Young as guests.About the rumors saying that Fly to the Sky’s two members are dating each other, Key commented, “I heard that rumor too.

But when people start taking it seriously and making huge signs to show at concerts [Looking at you, Directioners], then it just becomes upsetting to everyone and it changes the relationship dynamic with the members.

Key and Woohyun's friendship is one of my top 5 favorite things in kpop I think, I was dying when they announced To Heart, but I don't ship them romantically, just see them as best friends!

He and Key have known each other since they were children.

Stalk them here Hyeong Seop Instagram Twitter Facebook Key Instagram Must read Small analysis of Key Seop's relationship It's unclear the nature of Hyeongseop's relationship to Key growing up, and whether or not they kept in contact during Key's pre-debut trainee days.

From what we know, they made their first public appearance together (but separate) during Oct. During this event, Key attended a Dominic's Way show that PHS was modeling for on the runway.

Judging from Key's indifferent reaction towards PHS on the runway and the lack of resulting Key Seop materials from this event, their relationship here appears to initially be a casual one.

meeting for coffee, chatting late night over the phone, and even traveling overseas together to attend the 2013 Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia.

Their relationship (which may have started off as casual childhood friends catching up with one another) has escalated quickly, as can be seen in the numerous selcas they've uploaded which showcase the close bond they've developed. 2012 (where Key was not paying significant attention to PHS on the runway), Key is seen brighter and happier here, smiling and crushing like a teenage boy when PHS walks past him on the runway.

About a month later, Key uploads a photo from this same event to his instagram.

It's unknown why Key suddenly uploaded it after a month, and why the sudden shift to be public about Key Seop again.

Even if the rumors were not specifically about Key Seop, there were many parallels that could cause someone to alert them and make them more cautious.