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They also use a lot less fuel than a jet, allowing them to remain in the skies for three hours at a time without having to return to base to fill up their tanks - or rely on a refueling plane.

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.95 And if you’re new to the Double Wing and you purchase my basic package - I’ll include EVOLUTION OF AN OFFENSE at no charge. And a certain Alabama kicker won’t have to take advantage of Southwest’s Wanna Get Away? *********** Hats off to North Dakota State and James Madison, two great programs.

How can you play much better than Georgia did, and lose? What kind of balls does it take to go in at halftime, pull your QB - who’s been 25-2 as your starter - and replace him with a freshman? I’m sorry that they had to wait so long to meet after winning their semifinals, and I wish that the FCS people could have a bowl game all their own, with the kind of recognition that their game deserves.

Low-flying at slower speeds also reduces the risk of pilots making friendly fire mistakes, and the prop engine, being quieter than a jet's, makes it more stealthy. 'The low-tech combined with the high-tech.'And high-tech it is.

Built in Jacksonville, Florida, under license from Brazilian company Embraer, it can handle pressures of between 7G and -3.5G.

I’m sure, though, since they’ve won six of the last seven national titles, that by now the NDSU people treat this as their bowl game.

*********** Watch this video - this isn’t a football team.

Attempts have been made by the Navy - which wants the Tucanos for its SEALs - to acquire the planes, but each time they've been thwarted.

That seems at least in part to be driven by a belief that 'more technologically advanced' is the same as 'better', Colonel Mike Pietruch of the Air Force Chief of Staff's Strategic Study Group said in January.'People often make the mistake in thinking that we can build or buy a perfect airplane,' he told Air & Space.

But the reality is that Afghan combatants aren't going to pack the jet fighters that other major powers such as China or Russia have.

So there's not as much pressure to compete on that level.

For a start, they're better equipped for desert terrain, where their hardy undercarriage allows landing on dirt and takeoff from short runways.