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"THE HOW..." Most guys want to know "what to talk about" with women. In other words, if you don't understand HOW to carry on a conversation that creates ATTRACTION, then it really won't matter WHAT you talk about...

It is actually FAR MORE IMPORTANT to talk about whatever topic you're talking about in the RIGHT WAY.

Like sports, it also helps to have a basic knowledge of American colleges. Do your thing and capitalize on opportunities when you get them.

Hopefully you didn’t take the red pill too early and went to one… Realistically, you’re not going to go out of your way to scrape through parking lots looking for license plates with specific states. For instance, a few days after I moved back to North Carolina, a hot chick puled up next to me at the grocery store. My super duper opener was: “What part of New York are you from?

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I’ve already proved that and outlined how you can improve that. Groups 1 realizes that PUA or cold approach is one big scam. They get that if you’re doing the right things on a consistent basis, there’s no going out to specifically day game or night game. Every guy has thought about how to bang more chicks. And in all likeliness, you have tried to solve that problem through PUA means aka cold approaching. Sometimes all you need to do is put your phone away and look up 🙂 “How do I talk to her? I once met a chick in Vegas (at Daylight) with a Montauk hat on. In the US, I think every guy should have a basic understanding of sports. I was teasing her that I wasn’t sure about her and that I might get AIDS.

Southern chicks are a slam dunk for me because I have tons of experience in the South. Thus, I know that if I just get the ball rolling, there’s a decent chance that I will be able to at least hold my own in the conversation and probably find something in common with the chick. In general, chicks like sports (or at least have a basic understanding). ” Briefly talk about your dog if you have one (in my case I talk about my family’s dog, Tigger).

” *** This “opener” only applies when you can clearly hear her accent. I’ve also traveled all over the South and know a bunch of people from all over the region.

They are in desperate need of strength in their lives. The hottest chick I ever dated in Austin was the result of using her dog to get the ball rolling.

The ones with especially intimidating dogs (Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Pitbulls, etc.) are usually single (or are dating total beta males).

This chick was walking her dog (dalmatian puppy) and the puppy came up to me as they were walking by.

I was walking on 6th Street by myself after getting a burger.

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