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I was sitting in the back of the classroom, nervously looking over my materials, when the teacher walked in.He began with a basic list of topics we would cover, and as the list went on I looked down, blushing.

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Additionally, her vagina is producing excess amounts of fluid." I felt something building between my legs, and I was moaning loudly now with every pump, humiliated, with my wet pussy being pumped in front of everyone.Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore, and screamed, cum dripping down my legs.I was now completely exposed in front of over 50 students.I saw lustful looks on all the boys faces, and some of the girls. "These are the breasts, filled with mammary tissue. They are used to produce milk for the mother's child, but they can also be a place of sexual sensitivity.As soon as the shirt was off, the teacher set it aside, saying "Now your pants please." I slipped off my shoes, then froze, looking at all the boys, whose faces were staring in lust.

"Today, Anna, or I'll write you up." Trying to contain my sobs, I pulled down my jeans, revealing the black panties I wore.

Additionally, they demonstrate reactions to temperature." He pulled out an ice cube, and held it to one of my nipples.

I squirmed at the strange sensation, but the cuffs held me fast.

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"Now your bra." I shook my head, and clasped my hands to breasts, covering them from the staring eyes.