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In short, we put you in control and don’t punish you if you don’t want to auto-renew. But, we have strict guiding principles regarding our advertisements: 1. Members (logged on) will NOT see pop-under or pop-up ads 3. You should not be required to close an ad in order to get the site to work 5.You purchase a membership on other leading sites and you are inundated with in-your-face flashing banner advertisements attempting to lure you to another site in order to purchase something else. Ads will not use sound that might disrupt a work environment 6.With your e-mail address, they can sell it, trade it, and profit from it – all while a ton of junk mail piles up in your inbox. At Lavender Womyn Personals, we do not SPAM, trade, sell, or distribute your e-mail address (or any other personally identifiable data) to other individuals or organizations.Our company laughs each time we hear a site advertise “We have more marriages than any other online dating site.” or “We have millions of members and successful relationships.” Yeah, right! How possibly could they know how many successful relationships or marriages their site helps produce?As a Basic member you can reply to any messages and accept invitations to chat.

If you do choose to upgrade, you can communicate fully with any member on our network regardless of their status. Did you realize that being a paying member on other sites often means that they will keep billing your credit card each month until you cancel your membership altogether? We do not believe this is the right way to do business and will NEVER force you to sacrifice your profile if you don’t want to renew your Premium membership. We allow you to choose whether to auto-renew or not.Smart Match employs technology that compares your profile and activity on the site with that of millions of other members, then recommends members you’ve not yet seen.The more you interact with other members, the better the matches will be.Unfortunately, there are a significant number of sites that do create fake profiles in order to mislead you into believing someone simply incredible wants to get to know you – thereby enticing you to purchase a paid membership.Lavender Womyn Personals would NEVER create a fake profile to lure anyone.You fill out a membership form, start using a site, and then all of a sudden you’re getting junk mail, SPAM, or even computer viruses. Lavender Womyn Personals never trades, sells, or distributes any personally identifiable data to any individual or organization outside our company.