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One year later, Gekko, Sylvia and other family and friends attend the first birthday party of Louis, Jacob and Winnie's son.

Michael Douglas reprises his role as Gordon Gekko, which won him an Academy Award after the original film.

Gekko tells him that KZI's collapse started when Bretton spread rumors of KZI having toxic debt.

Jacob and Gekko arrange a trade: Jacob will try to reconcile Winnie's and Gekko's relationship, and Gekko will gather information to destroy Bretton for his actions against KZI and for providing evidence against Gekko years ago.

Gekko also bumps into Bud Fox, and they discuss their shared experience going to jail.

Gekko follows Winnie outside, where she explains why she blames him for everything that went wrong, stemming from his affairs and her brother Rudy's suicide.

La Beouf stated that, during his first meeting with Stone, the director was "really expedient about killing any ego or conceit on my part", saying not to worry because Tom Cruise was not an actor when he first worked with him either, which La Beouf considered a knife to his heart.

Javier Bardem was in final talks to play the character; in July 2009 it was confirmed that he had turned down the project in favor of a film adaptation of the book Eat, Pray, Love, with Julia Roberts.

Jacob, a protégé of KZI managing director Louis Zabel, has been raising money for Dr.

Masters and his fusion research project, which might create abundant clean energy.

Jake is also financially assisting his mother, Sylvia, who has quit nursing to speculate in residential real estate.

In the early stages of the downturn predicted by Gekko, KZI's stock loses more than 50% of its value.

Shortly after Winnie informs Jake that she is expecting their first child, Jake learns that Bretton is diverting the Chinese investment into underperforming solar panels, which are not a threat to his large position in fossil fuels.