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Here are the topics that Gay and his special guests will be discussing: John Gray: Beyond Mars and Venus : The Latest Evolution Of John Gray's Work Lamara and Shems Heartwell: Conscious Marriage: Pre-Marriage And The First Year Brian Johnson: The Ten Essential Ideas That Transform Relationships Remember, this seminar is free of charge so log on and register now! It’s Not The End Of The World A new world is emerging at warp speed, and some of us will do better than others adapting to it.

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As soon as she got to this point, her future husband, Jeffery showed up.They have now been together 22 years and have one daughter.Raye recommends letting the man initiate the conversation.9. This posture is inviting, non-threatening, and signals that you're receptive to being approached.Men are insecure just like us; if you look angry or closed off their fear of rejection can prevent them from talking to you.10. Some women tend to talk a lot when they get nervous.And vulnerability was completely out of her comfort zone, because she had no idea how to be with her feelings.

With this new awareness, she began to work on loving herself and no longer tolerating men who didn’t make her feel good about herself. She’s strong on the inside (keeps boundaries, doesn’t tolerate crap) and soft on the outside (you allow your feelings to come through).Dear Soulmate Manifesters, Whether you love it or not, the road to manifesting Big Love involves dating. Dating is how we discover and uncover the traits, values, beliefs and potential compatibility in each other.I recently heard about a terrific dating expert named Rori Raye and had a conversation with her about the tools she teaches.Rori describes her marriage as “amazing" but says it came out of “lots of bad relationships.” She was a crumb taker, always with guys who didn’t want her. Rori’s light bulb moment came when she realized that she was “on the hunt,” she was “wanting,” and she was looking for the wrong kind of man: one who didn’t want her – for her, not being wanted was what love felt like.She realized she was afraid of true intimacy – which required her ability to vulnerable.She said to him (in what she describes as a soft way…with warmth and a smile), “You can take as much time as you want, except…you can’t have me all to yourself while you are figuring out what you want to do.” That was an option he’d never considered.