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There are a bunch of random art stores, smoke shops, clothing stores, trinket stores – basically anything you want but all in one overly trendy street. girl chill-time is just tan (with sunscreen), eat, and shop time.If you go over the weekend they have a few pop up flea markets that are fun to pick around and The Pistol Club always has some fun vintage finds. Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon is one of the most fun stores I’ve ever been to. I’m really into doing yoga and barre, so my go-to spots are Hot8yoga and Pure Barre. You do yoga in a room that’s about 106 degrees and sweat your face off.Pure Barre is more focused on toning and lifting (especially your butt, abs, and arms) but they use a ballet bar so it’s as close as I’ll ever get to being a dancer (not very close).Other than that I haven’t had a single hiking trail let me down.Drive north along the coast and see where you end up. I can’t emphasize enough how much everyone must go to this restaurant. I can’t necessarily say it will be for the better, because you won’t be able to enjoy any other sushi after trying this place – it’s just so damn good!

The rice is served warm and the fish is so fresh and perfectly cut, it’s truly a beautiful sight and an even better party in your mouth.Also, not so secret but going to Abbot Kinney in Venice is never a letdown.I love to get snacks at The Butcher’s Daughter and then stroll up and down and pop into all the stores.I honestly don’t drink too much, so this will be my most cliche answer, but I do love a good cocktail overlooking the water at Nobu in Malibu.I like to get there early before the sun goes down and before it gets too “sceney” to sit outside, catch some rays, watch the Pelicans, and maybe have a spicy margarita…or two or three….their saketini is also pretty special.If you’re lucky we’re making margaritas and guacamole.