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So for anyone who is a fan of recent films such as BROOKLYN'S FINEST, PRIDE AND GLORY, WE OWN THE NIGHT, etc., I'd say you really do need to slate THE WIRE and THE SHIELD on your schedule (and yeah I know I'm super late to the party with regard to watching these TV shows..my suggestion is likely of use now to pretty much no one..just chalk it up to the longwinded thing again).

And yes THE WIRE and THE SHIELD are thoroughly destroying my movie watching as of late because most films I'm watching are falling short when compared to these TV shows...

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But Season 4 did get rolling to a decent degree and it finished on quite a strong note. And I have also now finished Season 5 and that was a return to the high levels of the first three seasons.

I can't wait to see what Season 6 is going to deliver.

And to update on THE SHIELD..I mentioned last Season 4 had been a letdown..upon completion of the season that still stands.

It spun its wheels for the first 4 episodes or so and it just didn't have the same vibe as the first three seasons..felt maybe like they were trying to be THE WIRE maybe too.

There are really so many tremendous performances on THE WIRE..I'll admit to a bit of a man crush on Omar, and the nightime alley meet up between him and Brother Mouzone was a tremendous scene, and the scene when Cutty gets the two women at the party..very strongly cinematic stuff.

So, yeah, I was thrilled with Season 3...right now my rank has 2 as my favorite followed ever so closely by 3, and then down a bit is Season 1. I will say that the first three seasons felt like they've told a complete tale..maybe Seasons 4 and 5 might feel like postscripts or epilogues to the earlier seasons...That's too bad toddly, but not surprising it turned out that way.Basically you confirmed some concerns raised in the trailer.I did watch Antoine Fuqua's recent cop film BROOKLYN'S FINEST a few days back, and it really felt like it had a strong THE WIRE-influenced vibe (cast included)...unfortunately not as successful.If I hadn't seen THE WIRE I might have been more impressed, but falling where it has on my viewing schedule, BROOKLYN'S FINEST felt rather ho-hum as compared to its TV counterparts.Yvonne Strahovski naked in yet another sex scene, but this time in the missionary position.